Saturday, May 29, 2010

If i could live in one place for the rest of my life....

If I could live in one place on earth for the rest of my life it would to be in Tuscany, Italy. If I lived there I could have a wine vineyard all year around because it does not rain there. If it got hot enough one day just a 30-minute drive away you hit up any beach to cool down. If not Tuscany then I would go and live in Russia for around 5-7 years so I can come back with a super clean Russian accent. I think Russian’s have the coolest accent when they speak English. And I have always wanted to live or just go to Russia. But other than those 2 places I would not want to live anywhere else.

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Iron Man 1

Iron Man 1 was a great movie and Robert Downey Jr. plays the part as Tony Stark far to good. In the first movie he goes to Afghanistan or one of the stan’s over they’re to do a weapons demonstration. On the return back to there base his hum-v get bombed and he gets taken captive. The terrorists that captured him remove the shrapnel out of his body and heart and hook him up to a car battery. The terrorists that capture him demand that he makes them a very high tech missile. But instead he makes a mini Ark Reactor that powers him and keeps the shrapnel out of his heart. Then he makes himself an Iron Suit and breaks out. When he returns home he has a big greeting and then he later finds out that his partner, Obadiah Stein put the hit on him. So after Tony perfects his Iron suit Obadiah makes one of his own and they fight it out. Of course Tony Stark wins and at the end of the movie everybody is asking who Iron Man is and he confesses that he is Iron Man. Now there is a second Iron Man out. These Are my 2 favorite movies ever made. If you haven’t yet seen the first or second Iron Man I strongly recommend that your go see them.

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iPhone's vs Blackberry's

As you all know, iPhone’s are a great phone for kids and adults. I think the iPhone is better for kids because on the appstore there are well over 180,000 apps. For a kid that is a lot of games, of course they are all not games but a good chunk of those apps are games and entertainment apps. But on the other hand it is also not as good as a blackberry for adults because the iPhones mail is defiantly not as good as the blackberry because blackberry has a system called “Push” email which comes strait to your phone with out having to check it all the time like the iPhone does. iPhone has “Pull” email where u have to open your mail app, then it brings in your mail from your email account and you have to do it manually, which most people don’t like these days. But over all I think the iPhone is a better phone for younger people and blackberry’s are better for adults.

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Lego, Lego is a great invention. Back when I was younger (5ish) I never really did play with Lego and now I am realizing that I severely missed out. Ever since I found Lego in the back of our classroom and started building Mother War Ships. Then I went home and found a little bit more and started building at ships at home. Then I brought it to school the next day and at lunch when I was helping out my teacher she took my Lego. I came in after helping her and found that my Lego had been confiscated and I was furious. I ran out of the classroom looking for when she told me I’d get it back at the end of the day. At the end of the day I was looking for her to get my Lego back, but I couldn’t find her and then the next day I confronted her and she said that I would get my Lego back at the end of this day. But fair enough I got my Lego back at the end of the day, but one problem, I was working on the Mother of all Mother Ships and she broke it and put it in a box and gave me the broken pieces. I was quite mad. But I love Lego and it is really fun and a good way to waste time.

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Friday, May 28, 2010

South Park

I am writing this blog about South Park, which is a hilarious T.V show. It is vulgar and stupid but yet still the funniest T.V show on the air. The main character Eric Cart man, is a very rude, 4th grader. My favorite episode of South Park is an episode than mimics the movie “ The Cove “. They try to free a killer whale from a SeaWorld then they strap it to a rocket and shoot it into space because these guys tried to convince them that the whale was from space and it needed to be returned. There are many, many other episodes that are far funnier than this one. It is my favorite show to watch.

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Itunes vs. Limewire

I, Michael Flaminio prefer Lime wire to iTunes any day. I chose Lime wire over iTunes because your can get any song that you can get on iTunes for free. On Lime wire you can also get all the movies you can get on ITunes for free. That is the upside to Lime wire, on the other hand there is always a down side, sometimes the songs are very bad quality and the movies are even worse quality and in a different language. On ITunes it is always guaranteed good quality and whatever language you choose.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Peter Campbell

Peter Campbell is well known to his friends to be the class clown and the not so smart one. Peter always chirps my best friend Robo Erto about his tall hair and his tight pants, and most of all his Romanian hair gel. He also rips on Hunter and blames everything on him; I do not know why he does though.

Peter also gets everybody in trouble when we do nothing. He is also very rude and mean to other teachers. They all hate him. But he is hilarious, he is so funny because he’s so stupid, like today in class he took Robo Ertos computer and he was running around the classroom and then he tripped over a bad, landing on the computer causing my best buds computer to now have a big yellow line through the middle of the screen.

Another time he was walking down his street in the ghetto or hood what ever you want to call it, maybe its both, well he was walking down the street when he found a metal ring in the gutter with a spiky skull on the front, he calls it the death ring. So now when he gets to school and uses it to get what he wants by punching people. Today he punched my friend Greg and his jacked muscles broke the death ring for good.

It is so funny when he rips on people though because he knows what to say to get them angry. But it is even funnier when he receives and Acer to do work. I cannot tell you what he does to them though because teachers are going to read this, and I got him in trouble then I would feel pretty bad.

He does the funniest impressions of my friend Robo Erto also, like when he through the milk like him and does his voice impressions and imitates the way he wears his pants. He now has a rip in the but of his pants from doing the Robo impression too often. And when he rips on Maddie about her being a horse, it is really funny though.

So that is why I did this blog on Peter. Because he is hilarious.